Student Leadership Development

Our Mission

"Leadership Development at the University of Utah incites student to action, encourages engagement in campus and community service, and provides opportunities that enrich and support personal and academic growth, which culminates in a lifelong commitment to effective leadership."

Leadership Development strives to foster student leaders across campus. By offering a variety of events a programs, we hope to see an increase of student participation in leadership roles. We provide training opportunities for current and aspiring student leaders though programs, conferences, and support.

Our Initiatives and Opportunities



A program designed to fit around any schedule, ULEAD helps students find their own leadership style while providing the skills and knowledge to get involved on and off campus.

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Get to know your peers and attend one of the conferences Leadership Development has to offer.

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Student Leadership Awards

These awards recognize individual student leaders and students groups who have outstandingly performed and contributed towards U community.  Ten categories will be recognized this year such as Emerging Student Leader of the Year, Group Commitment to Diversity and others.

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Stay Connected

What's new in Leadership Development? What events are coming up around campus? Find out through our bi-monthly email updates.

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Signature Leadership Floor

The Signature Leadership floor is an opportunity for residents to fully engage in their undergraduate experience and become connected with a transformative experience. The U has a vast array of experiences for students; this will be your starting point to having an incredible college experience.

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Leadership Studies Minor

This minor is designed for students who wish to learn more about different theories and applications of leadership within a dynamic classroom experience.

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Campus Involvement

Discover the endless opportunities for involvement that the university offers through various areas of campus.

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