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Student Behavioral Misconduct Process

Students are expected to uphold the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Regulations Library Policy 6-400, also known as the Student Code while attending the University of Utah. We understand that the Student Code may be complicated to understand. Our intention of writing the Student Code is to be as thorough as possible by outlining all details of the behavioral misconduct process. However, we also wanted to break down the Student Code in plain language to help you better understand the process if you are considering filing a complaint or if you are accused of a violation. 

This is the process that is outlined in Section III, Standards of Behavior, of the Student Code. (NOTE Academic Misconduct, Academic Performance, or Professional Misconduct processes are included in different sections of the Code.)


Conduct Hearing Officer: The person(s) from Office of the Dean of Students who will investigate and determine an initial outcome for the complaint.

Responding Party: Student who is accused of a possible violation.

Due Process: The right of students involved in the conduct process to have notice of accusations, an opportunity to respond, and an unbiased review and decision made on the issue. 

Allegations: A claim that there has been a possible violation(s) of the student code.

Preponderance of the Evidence: The University’s standard of determining if someone is responsible which is "more likely than not."

Eviction from community: Removed or not allowed to enter a specific area of campus or the entire campus.

Violations: The act of doing something that is not allowed by a law or policy.

Rules/Regulations/Polices:The policies used at the University found at

Complaining Student: Student who filed an allegation of a policy violation/misbehavior.

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Complaint Sources

  • Title IX Coordinator / OEO/AA
  • Student / Student Groups
  • Staff/Dept. 
  • Faculty / Academic Dept.
  • Police / Dept. of Public Safety
  • Athletics
  • Advisor
  • Other
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Informal Resolution / Case Closed left arrow  Receive and Evaluate Complaints right-arrow Insufficient Information / Case Closed
    down arrow    
    Alleged Charges and Investigation    
    down arrow    
    Outcomes (Prepoderance of Evidence) right-arrow Not Responsible / Case Closed
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Agree left arrow Informal Agreement / Negotiation with Mutual Consent    
down arrow   down arrow    
Completion of Sanctions   No Agreement    
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  Student Behavior Committee Hearing    
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left arrow Vice President for Student Affairs Determination right-arrow Not Responsible / Case Closed
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  Appeal to the University President    
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left arrow University President makes final decision to uphold or overturn decision right-arrow Not Responsible / Case Closed
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Case Closed        


Last Updated: 7/14/17