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Make a Report

To submit a report, use our online form or call the Office of the Dean of Students at 801-581-7066. 

Does the Student Need Immediate Assistance?


The student is showing behaviors that are threatening, actively reckless, disorderly, or indicates a plan to harm self or others in the community.


Campus Police (801) 585-2677 or 911 AND Behavioral Intervention  (801) 581-7066

Not Sure

The student is showing behaviors that are disruptive. Excessive demands of time and resources from others in the community. Sends intrusive, intimidating or erratic emails and/or texts. Aggressive towards others. 


Behavioral Intervention (801) 581-7066  OR University Counseling Center (801) 581-6826 


The student is showing behaviors that are concerning. Sudden and significant drops in academic performance. Isolating from others, exhibiting symptoms of depression, paranoia and anxiety.


Behavioral Intervention (801) 581-7066 OR University Counseling Center (801) 581-6826

What should I include in my report?

Provide as much information as possible about the individual. 

Along with a description of the incident or behavior, include as much of the following as you can.

  • Student, faculty or staff member’s name and ID number (if known)
  • Direct quotes whenever possible.
  • Where and when the incident or behavior occurred.
  • Names and contact information of witnesses.
  • Your name, position and complete contact information.
  • Include all emails or other information you have.
  • Always save voice recordings, text messages and emails on the device that received them.
Last Updated: 2/26/24