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Student Success Tips

  • Attend class - consider this part of the requirements for your "job as a student."
  • Check your email frequently, especially your UMail account.
  • Get to know your professors. They are great resources for academic assistance, career advice, and future letters of recommendation.  
  • Take care of your health. Sleep, exercise, and stress management are important.
  • Learn about campus resources available to you and take advantage of them - it is okay to ask for help.
  • Manage your time well to include academics, work, social life, leadership, and service.
  • Report emergencies and safety issues to the police (801-585-COPS) - if you see something, say something.  Download the free "UHeads Up" app to submit reports and have emergency procedures readily available on your smartphone.
  • Get involved with a student club or organization.
  • Complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid every year.  This is not just for loans, but includes eligibility for grants and scholarships. More information is available on the Financial Aid & Scholarships website.  
  • Protect your privacy and contact information on social networking sites.
  • Keep an open mind and intentionally seek out new experiences.  Attend an arts or athletic event on campus, listen to a symposium or lecture from a different discipline than your major, introduce yourself to fellow students in your courses who you do not already know.
  • Strive to be respectful and civil in your communications with others.  College is all about exposure to different viewpoints.  You don't have to change your position or stance, but respectfully allow space for other perspectives to exist in our community.   
Last Updated: 2/26/24