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Behavioral Intervention Team

With students facing high levels of stress in their lives, faculty and staff may encounter students whose behaviors are concerning, disruptive, or threatening towards themselves or others. To respond to the safety needs of the campus, the University Of Utah has established the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). 

What Does BIT Do?

BIT’s primary function is to help keep the university community safe and connect distressed students to support services. BIT seeks prevention rather than reacting to students in distress. In doing this, BIT:

  • Gathers and manages reported information from concerned faculty and staff
  • Assesses the level of threat a student’s behavior poses
  • Intervenes with students and connects them to support services
  • Provides faculty and staff with support and intervention resources
  • Makes referrals to the Dean of Students or Student Accountability
  • Disseminates relevant information to Campus Police

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Make a report

If a person is an immediate threat to themselves or someone else, or is incapable of caring for themselves, call 911.


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When to Make a Report

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Last Updated: 7/18/24