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Student-Athlete Advocacy

The Student-Athlete Advocate is a resource for student-athletes to report misconduct or mistreatment they may experience through their participation in a University Athletics program. This role acts independently from the Athletics Department and reports concerns to the Offices of the President, General Counsel, Dean of Students, and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.


  • Provide student-athletes with a safe, neutral, and private space to report any concerns and advocate for the resolution of these issues; promote the visibility of the Advocate role.
  • Increase student-athlete awareness of resources available to them and how to use those resources to have a more positive and healthy educational and social experience.
  • Assist with the development, delivery, and needs assessment of the Student-Athlete Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Program.
  • Safeguard the wellbeing of student-athletes and improve their overall experience at the University of Utah.

Picture of Leila Ames

Leila Ames
Student-Athlete Advocate

Last Updated: 2/27/24